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Maulana Malik Ibrahim, or Abraham Al-Makdum estimated Samarkandy born in Samarkand, Central Asia, in the early half of the 14th century. Babad Tanah Jawi Asmarakandi call Meinsma version, follow the spoken tongue of the As-Java Samarkandy, turned into Asmarakandi.
Maulana Malik Ibrahim is also sometimes referred to as Sheikh Maghrebi. Some people even call it Grandpa's pillow.
He was related to Maulana Ishak, renowned scholars Pasai Ocean, as well as the father of Sunan Giri (Raden Paku). Abraham and Isaac is the son of a Persian scholar named Maulana Jumadil Kubro, who settled in Samarkand. Maulana Jumadil Kubro believed to be descendants of the 10th of Syayidina Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Maulana Malik Ibrahim had settled in Campa, now Cambodia, for thirteen years since 1379. He even married the daughter of the king, who gave him two sons. They are Raden Rahmat (known as the Sunan Ampel) and Sayid Ali Morteza aka Raden Santri. Feeling pretty preaching mission in the country, the year 1392 AD Maulana Malik Ibrahim immigrated to the island of Java left the family.

Some versions state that some people coming along. An area that was first headed Sembalo the village, the area is still in the Majapahit empire. Sembalo village now, is a regional district Learn Manyar, 9 miles north of the town of Gresik.

The first activity is done when it is dealing with how to open a stall. Shop providing basic needs at low cost. Also specifically Malik Ibrahim also volunteered to treat people for free. As a physician, reportedly, he had been invited to treat the king's wife who came from the Campa. Empress likely still relatives of his wife.

Grandfather Pillow also teach new ways of farming. He embraced the community under-caste in the Hindu aside. So Perfected first mission, which is looking for a place in the hearts of people around who was going through severe economic crisis and civil war. Done build and arrange lodging place of religious learning in Learn, the year 1419 AD Maulana Malik Ibrahim died. His tomb is in the village now Gapura, Gresik, East Java.


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